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Mobile & Handheld Computers

POSMarket's range of mobile computers can help your business to be more productive and allow up to the minute inventory and equipment data. We can supply computers that will stand up to the toughest applications. Our mobile and vehicle mounted computers can be configured for rugged design, reliable performance and inclusion of state-of-the-art technology within manufacturing, warehousing, transportation and logistics.

Light-duty mobile computers are suitable for field workers needing the size and styling of a smart phone with the features of an enterprise device.Our medium-duty mobile computers are dust and water resistant and are also designed to handle multiple drops on a concrete floor. These computers have all the features your business needs to keep your staff productive.Our heavy duty mobile computers are capable of withstanding almost anything that comes at them. They have cutting-edge wireless technology, multi-functional data capture and extreme durability.Our handheld computers running DOS or a proprietory operating system allow fast, accurate barcode scanning and wireless communications to accelerate product ordering, item picking and more.
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Our vehicle mount computers are ideal for the demands of mobile warehouse and inventory-control applications. This leads to improved forklift operator performance and gives you a true business edge.POSMarket provides a complete range of mobile computers for hazardous environments. We offer a broad array of durable mobile computers designed to improve the productivity of mobile workers.We can provide mobile computers suitable for point-of-care and inventory management that have an exterior housing that is disinfectant-ready and can be cleaned frequently with harsh chemicals to ensure proper hygiene.
When it comes to PDA or TDT accessories, POSMarket has an extensive range of mobile electronic equipment and accessories including software including cables, modems, GPS and bar code scanners that suit a wide variety of different business needs.

Exercise Caution When Selecting Mobile Communications Devices
Laptops and mobile computers are paramount in many business situations which is why there are so many brands and product types available on the market today offering superior technology and quality computing features that are similar to many desktop PCs. There’s also plenty of other equipment to assist in various applications including tablet PCs, advanced processing and smart phones which provide a host of computing facilities while away from the office or factory.

It is wise exercise caution when selecting mobile computers or TDTs as it depends on the nature of work to be carried out as to which devices and systems are best used. Screen size is an important factor to consider as are the countless features available including Bluetooth, WiFi card, Gig and Ram size as well as dual core processing and so on. We have an ideal mobile computing solution to adequately meet your specific needs regardless of how harsh the environment or distance coverage is that is required.

Today’s smart technology no longer means that mobile communication is merely viewed as a social interactive device but rather as a business necessity by which you can check emails, download information, send and receive messages and even create spreadsheets on the run! Mobile electronic equipment has become an intrinsic part of daily business.

Perfect Work From Home Solutions
Many businesses are opting to work from home offices since the conception of smaller, user friendly lightweight Laptops, Notebooks and PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) which give you the necessary capabilities of a larger tower unit with the huge advantage of mobility. You can easily travel across the globe with your trusty Laptop safely in tow thereby creating the ultimate in mobile offices in any location you choose.

The Power Behind The Technology
Whether using a Laptop, smart phone or Bluetooth headset you cannot do so without the infrastructure that links them. Digital networking coupled with specific access codes means you can connect to the Internet from any WiFi network location. Being connected means that anyone can work via a virtual office linking with staff, information and suppliers regardless of your particular environment or mobile location.

The technological revolution of late has forever changed the business landscape as the Internet allows remote access that is both secure, comparatively inexpensive and widely accessible across the globe linking information, people and businesses like never before.

If you are in the market looking to buy or gather information regarding Mobile Computer Accessories, Palm OS Mobile Computers, Windows CE Mobile Computers, DOS/BHT Mobile Computers, Rental Mobiles or Mobile Computer Software; POSMarket has a complete range of electronic mobile devices to suit all manner of business situations and applications.
The brands which we readily stock are all superior in quality but come with various design features that set them apart from each other. The brands include: Cipherlab, Datalogic, Denso, Handheld Products, LXE, Motorola, Opticon, Posiflex, PSC, Socket, Symbol, Unitech, Wasp and Widefly.
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